Tactical Uniforms: Those unit members wishing to participate in unit tactical events (“in the field” or “combat scenario”) need to have the following uniform/gear items as designated by the unit Quartermaster. They will be broken down according to season (summer/winter or warm weather / cold weather) or by weapon being carried (M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson SMG, M1911 pistol, etc). The following is the unit standard infantryman attire. Other impressions (MP, Medic) may be worn at the discretion of the Platoon Sergeant. Unless otherwise stated, the Basic Uniform will serve as the base for each set-up, however for the tactical impressions, the Herringbone Twill or “HBT” uniform may replace the uniform or may be mixed.


– M1 Helmet (w/ optional net)

– M41 Field Jacket


– M1 Helmet (M-1941 “Jeep Cap” can be worn underneath helmet for added warmth)

– M-1941 Field Jacket

– WWII pattern 5 button wool highneck sweater (for wear overtop of wool shirt) (Recommended)

One of the following is recommended for wear over top of the field jacket depending on the temperature:

– M-1939 wool overcoat (both brass and plastic buttons are acceptable)

– Jacket, Combat, Winter (also known as the “Tanker Jacket”)

Recommended Winter Accessories:

– Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm (standard issue for WWII) -OR- OD green wool glove inserts (obviously not as warm, but less restrictive)

– OD wool scarf (can either be purchased, or simply take an old wool blanket and cut a strip from it to serve as a scarf)

Undershorts and thermal undergarments are left to the discretion of the member as long as they do not detract from the overall impression

Combat Equipment for Riflemen (web gear and field gear, separated by weapon being carried):

Rifle, Semi-Automatic, Caliber .30, M1 (Garand):

– M1936 Combat Suspenders

– M1923 10 pocket cartridge (Garand) belt

– WWII Dated Canteen, Cup and Dismounted Cover (WWI dated sets are acceptable, but it is not recommended to drink from WWI dated canteens)

– Mess Kit w/ Utensil Set

Carbine, Semi-Automatic, Caliber .30, M1:

– M1936 Combat Suspenders

– M-1936 Pistol Belt

– WWII Dated Canteen, Cup and Dismounted Cover (WWI dated sets are acceptable, but it is not recommended to drink from WWI dated canteens)

– Pocket, Magazine, Double Web, Carbine (The standard “Mag Pouch” for the M1 carbine. These are attached to the M-1936 pistol belt, towards the front where they will be accessible).

NOTE: Personnel carrying the Thompson SMG would replace the carbine magazine pouches with the 20 rd. Thompson magazine pouch or the magazine case with shoulder strap

– Mess Kit w/ Utensil Set

M-1911 and M-1911A1 Pistols (These weapons may be carried by themselves, or in conjunction with a main weapon such as the Garand or carbine):

– M-1936 Pistol Belt

– M-1916 Holster (attached to belt) -OR- M3 shoulder holster

– M-1923 -OR- M-1918 Double Magazine Pouch

Additonal AUTHENTIC Weapon Types are encouraged, however try to ask someone before you buy so the unit can help you get the right gear for the weapon.

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