Section 1. NAME

The name of the corporation shall be “Archbury Foundation, Inc.” Hereinafter referred to as the FOUNDATION.


The mission statement of the FOUNDATION shall be “preserve and present the American experience from 1935 to 1945”

Section 3. LOCATION

The corporation shall reside at the located of which it filed (Reading PA).

Section 4. FISCAL YEAR

The fiscal year of the corporation shall be from April 1st through March 31 in each calendar year.


The FOUNDATION shall be a legally recognized, non-profit corporation and shall abide by all state, local and federal laws that govern non-profit organizations.


The Unit that forms under the FOUNDATION is the 83rd Infantry Division 329th Regiment Headquarters company 3rd battalion.


The FOUNDATION is a non-profit composed of Individual hobbyists who are united with a deeper appreciation for the history of the WWII era and goes beyond books and movies to present this important historical information to the public by effort of living historical campsites, displays, total emersion events, reenacting battles, collecting, and preserving memorabilia of the era.  This FOUNDATION is our vehicle to provide members the means to carry out our mission to preserve and present the American experience from 1935 to 1945.  We shall endeavor to seek a high level authenticity in the presentation of all activities of this corporation.



Membership in the FOUNDATION is open to all individuals who comply with all societies codes and laws. All membership application that meet foundation guidelines and requirements will be subject for review by the board for a majority vote. The foundation reserves the right to approve or disapprove membership to anyone on a undisclosed basis.


REGULAR MEMBER is available to any legally competent person 18 years of age or older. Person who applies must signs the required documents, pays the required membership fees, passes unit qualification and standards, and agrees to follow all FOUNDATION by-laws and Safety and Authenticity Rules.


A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is available to any legally competent persons, 18 years of age or older who would like to include the rest of their family to participate in the SOCIETY. For example parents, children, wife, or significant other. Minor aged family members, under the age of 18, will be the sole responsibility of parent(s) or guardian(s) who will sign all appropriate waivers and/or other documents required for the minor attending each event. Minors, under the age of 16, may not participate in tactical or public battles in any capacity. They may, however, participate at Living History and Static Displays providing the portrayal is age-correct and non-political in nature. Minors, under the age of 16 shall not be allowed to handle any weapons, including edged weapons, ammunition, non-functioning reproduction armaments or ordnance of any kind or nature.


A JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP is available to any legally competent person who has attained the age of 16, but are not yet 18 years of age, agree to submit a notarized letter of consent/hold harmless agreement signed by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Section 3. ANNUAL DUES

All renewals must be paid between April 1st & March 31st of each year. This will insure all membership privileges to be uninterrupted.


Any member may be discharged from the FOUNDATION for not following bylaws, code of conduct, safety codes, not participating in the spirit of the FOUNDATION or authenticity guidelines. Any member discharged for any of these reasons shall not be eligible for any refund, in part or whole of any dues paid.


The membership period shall run from April 1st through March 31st of each year of membership, regardless of the actual initial date of membership.


Once per calendar year the annual general membership meeting shall be held at a designated place and time by the Board of Directors for the purpose of general news and information to members.


Upon acceptance into the Archbury Foundation, each member is entitled to:

  1. An ID Membership card.
  2. A copy of the safety codes, code of conduct, and authenticity rules.
  3. The right to attend all FOUNDATION events, but must be in accordance with any and all sponsor announced stipulations.
  4. To vote, on FOUNDATION matters covered by Board of Directors Housekeeping Rules.
  5. An Email address is the member chooses.
  6. Access to our private Facebook & website pages
  7. The right to have options on FOUNDATION matters.

Section 7. DUES

Membership dues for each fiscal year are as follows:

  1. Regular Membership and Junior Membership – $20.00 per individual
  2. Family Membership – $20.00 for head of household, $10.00 per additional family member

No joining or renewing at events. All of this must be done through the website, email, or meetings.



The business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed and directed by a consensus of its officers. Board shall meet quarterly, in person or via teleconference.


The number of Directors shall be five (5). Board members holds potion until he or she is no longer physically capable or handicapped, communication or involvement deteriorated beyond acceptable means, or chooses to resign.   All Directors must be members of the Society. All candidates running for a position on the Board of Directors must have been a member in good standing of the FOUNDATION for at least 2 years. Any candidate, or member or the board may not be a relative of any other board members, to include father, son, daughter, mother, and any other relationship including first cousin. This also includes relationships by marriage like son-in-law, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, and stepsons and daughters. Additionally, no two board members may reside in the same residence if not related. A relative of a board member may run for an office as long as the terms of the sitting board member and candidate do not overlap in any way.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the following members:

A. President:

The office of the President will be to enforce and protect the by-laws and Safety and Authenticity Rules. Must be available for all board meetings. Serve as presiding officer of the organization and to oversee and conduct the business of the organization with the approval of the Board of Directors. To be responsible for all aspects of the Society’s business, legal proceedings, corporate business; insure the safekeeping of all corporate records, oversee the filing of all pertinent and required tax returns, statements, affidavits, and any and all other documents that are, or may become, required by the Federal Government or state in which the Archbury Foundation is incorporated.

B. Vice-President

The Vice president shall be the chairman of all committees connected with safety, authenticity, and public relations, and shall be authorized to constitute committees as needed. The Vice president shall report the findings of all committees to the President. It shall be his or her duty to see that any information necessary for the proper, and smooth functioning of the Society.In the absence of the President, the Vice president shall perform the duties of the President. Must be available for all Board meetings. The Vice President shall preside over all meetings in the absence of the President. Assist in conducting the business of the organization and oversee and monitor all aspects of safety and authenticity. The Vice President shall have final say in all matters of Safety and Authenticity and shall work with new and existing units in order to keep updated unit files and to build public relations with event and unit organizers.

C. Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for member recognitions and Attendance at unit events. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, the working copy of the FOUNDATION By-laws, and the membership roster.

The Secretary shall keep a roster of all members and their mailing addresses & shall work with the Membership Chairman issuing annual membership cards to all new and renewing members of the Society. Must be available for all Board meetings. The Secretary shall keep accurate membership records and work with the membership chairman for issuing and collecting membership cards and applications. The Secretary shall advise and suggest upcoming events and schedules, work with the Vice President on issues within membership.

D. Membership Chairman

The Membership Chairman  Shall work with the Secretary on keeping up to date roster of all members and their mailing addresses. The Membership Chairman  shall be responsible for issuing annual membership cards to all new and renewing members of the Society. Must be available for all Board meetings. The Membership Chairman  shall keep accurate membership records and send out membership cards in a prompt manner. All membership applications shall be examined to ensure verification of age. If under age 18, verify that a parental/guardian release form has accompanied the application. The Membership Chairman  shall contact the applicant if any pertinent information is missing. Membership records shall include a roster of paid members alphabetically by last name and by card number.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds and securities of the corporation; receive and give receipts, deposit funds in the Corporation’s bank account, The Treasurer shall report to the Board of Directors the state of the finances quarterly. The Treasurer shall receive all new and renewal membership funds, from the Membership Chairmen and must be available for all Board meetings. Bank records, including monthly statements and cancelled checks shall be kept in an orderly fashion. Expenses of the FOUNDATION shall be paid promptly, within 30 days after receipt and verification of invoice or other such notice of debt. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the insurance records.

F. Member Representatives

There shall be two representatives of the general membership, Member Representatives must be available for all Board meetings. All members of the Board of Directors shall automatically become a member of the Safety and Authenticity Committee.


Any Board member may be removed from office for: Failing to attend meetings/inactivity of board actions, violation of FOUNDATION codes, and violation of federal and state laws.


There must be three (3) Board members present to conduct any Board meeting and at least one of these must be an officer of the corporation, either President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Membership Chairman.



Except for legitimate expenses of the FOUNDATION and legitimate expenses of authorized persons, no money in any form shall be issued without the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. GIFTS

The Board of Directors may accept, on behalf of the corporation, any contributions, donations, bequest, or device(s).


Members of the Board of Directors shall not receive any salaries for performing their duties. Members of the Board of Directors, The Registered Agent, and the Editors of the Society’s publication(s) may, if the funds exist, apply for reimbursement, but must present to the Treasurer proof through receipts, of legitimate expenses. Refer to the duties of the President.


All members of the Archbury Foundation. shall, in keeping with our goals and objectives, be governed by and subject to the following code of authenticity:

  1. We are here to portray the normal look of the WWII soldier, not the exception. Members are required to have a complete basic impressions; If he or she has accomplished their primary impression then he or she may do a second impression
  2. Person who wishes to portray a rank must get permission from the board prior to an event. There is no official rank structure in our organization but to maintain authenticity we ask to keep NCO ranks to a minimum. No officer ranks are permitted at this time.
  3. Medals or decorations that were not created pre-June 1945 may not be worn. Appropriate awards, badges, campaign, and ribbons may be worn if they reflect the credits of the unit being portrayed. US or Allied medals of valor may not be worn by anyone who did not earn them in actual military service, to include medals that may be awarded for both valor and service.
  4. Hair must be cut to a common WWII style, regardless if it can be openly seen or not. For male impressions, hair must be tapered and trimmed to the nape of the neck and around the ears, so as not to touch the ears or collar. Hair cannot be “glued”, tucked in, or tucked under any headgear or article of clothing etc. in an attempt to hide an incorrect haircut. Blocked haircuts are not permitted. Sideburns can be no longer than mid-ear. Mustaches must be trimmed to a common WWII style. All mustaches must be trimmed above the upper lip line, not extend past the edge of the mouth more than 1/4 inches, and not drop down around the corners of the mouth. Beards shall be defined as any facial hair, other than sideburns or mustaches, which are longer than a two (2) day growth (about 1/8 inches). Beards are not permitted
  5. Modern eyewear is not allowed.
  6. Weapons must be of pre-June 1945 US military type or an acceptable replica. Weapons manufactured after 1945 may be used if they duplicate a WWII weapon. Realistic metallic replicas that are airsoft or air guns are allowed only for display purposes if their propellant method has been made inoperable and received inspection proving no projectile or propellant remains in the replica.
  7. Uniforms, equipment, insignia, and emblems should  be of a type, style, and material in use by the 83rd ID portrayed during WWII, unless approved by the board.
  8. “Uniforms, equipment, insignia, and emblems Shouldbe of a type, style, and material in use by the 83rd ID portrayed during WWII, unless authorized by board approval
  9. All vehicles must the outward appearance of a WWII period vehicle. All post 1945 vehicles must be altered to duplicate a pre-1945 vehicle and be properly painted.
  10. All vehicles must bear unit markings; if this is not possible cover plates can be made to cover existing markings.


All members of the Archbury Foundation. shall, in keeping with our goals and objectives, be governed by and subject to the following code of conduct:

  1. The use of any item that does not belong to you without permission is prohibited. The theft of any item, no matter how small, is grounds for prosecution and dismissal from the Society.
  2. While in a camp or barracks area, respect the right of privacy of other members.
  3. The use or possession of illegal drugs/narcotics is cause for immediate expulsion.
  4. Failure to follow event posted or announced rules can and will lead to expulsion from the FOUNDATION or events.
  5. Keep safety, our code of conduct and authenticity in mind at all times.
  6. Treat members and the public with professionalism and courtesy.  Do not use profanity, slander, or any libelous statements.
  7. Members of the Archbury Foundation. cannot use Archbury Foundation. Publications or events for any personal or political purpose.
  8. Proprietary FOUNDATION membership information cannot be released without the Boards approval as well and the individual member’s approval.
  9. It is the responsibility of all members at any event to stand safety and authenticity inspections.
  10. As a point of etiquette, keep late night activities reasonable.
  11. Board Members shall be responsible for the control and behavior of all minors in their unit.
  12. Keep all campsites and barracks policed and secure.
  13. Keep your cot / bunk, gear, and personal belongings in a neat and orderly fashion at all times.
  14. NO Alcohol is to be consumed during event display hours. (when the general public is around).
  15. NO UNDER AGED DRINKING of Alcohol.
  16. Public intoxication is NOT permitted at anytime. If you are intoxicated beyond your limits you maybe removed from the organization.
  17. Members are strongly encourage to adhere to each show open and close times.
  18. Do not leave campfires or tent stoves unattended.
  19. Do not argue over the calling of hits.
  20. No flag other than the United States flag are ever to be saluted. The Nazi or Fascist salute is never to be used.
  21. When traveling to or from any event, do not display weapons where they may be seen by the public.


All members of the Archbury Foundation. shall, in keeping with our goals and objectives, be governed by and subject to the following code of Firearms Safety:

  1. Always keep firearms muzzles pointed In a safe direction.
  2. Firearms should be unloaded when not in use.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  4. Be sure of your target and what’s beyond It.
  5. Use correct ammunition.
  6. If your firearm fails To fire when the trigger Is pulled, handle with care.
  7. Wear eye and ear protection when shooting live fire. Ear protection is recommended when shooting blanks.
  8. Be sure the barrel Is clear of obstructions before shooting.
  9. Keep your firearm clean and properly maintained
  10. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the firearm you are using
  11. Never let minors handle a firearm without parental consent and supervision.
  12. All sales and transportation of firearms must be done in strict compliance with all local and federal laws.
  13. Keep edged weapons sheathed at all times unless using them.
  14. Do not let minors handle edged weapons.
  15. No live ammo is permitted at public events.


All members of the Archbury Foundation. Have the right to express opinions on financial spending. However it is the board’s final decisions to prioritize and decipher feedback.


Archbury Foundation Board Members

President – Jim Swope

Vice President – Chad Smith

Secretary – Gary Snyder

Treasurer – Matt Wurster

Membership Chair – Justin Wright / John Newcomer

Trustee – Scott McGill

Trustee – Dave Newcomer

All Rights Reserved 2018 Archbury Foundation