“Pop” 1/2 Ton Dodge Truck

* Type: 1/2 Ton Dodge WC26 G505
* Serial Number:
* Hood Number:
* Date Of Delivery:
* Operation Served In: ETO
* Location Now: Reading, PA
* Date Restored:
* Owner: John Kulack
* Weight:  lbs.
* Size: 224.75in. X 82.75in. X 87in.
* Max Speed: 50mph.
* Range: 240 miles


I purchased the truck, better know as POP in 2015, it has been an ongoing restoration, but a lot of fun. I purchased it in Ohio. It is a rather rare vehicle,  a 1942 Dodge WC 26 Carrayll. Dodge only produced 2900 of them from 1941-1942, they were replaced in 1942 by the heavier 3/4 ton Carryall WC 53. Most of the WC 26`s remained stateside, serving on military installations, they best known use was in transporting  troops who built the Alaska highway. They were used by all branches of the service during the war, in many different rolls.

Proctor-Keefe built/modified bodies for the Dodge Power Wagon VC G505-based 1940 Dodge VC6 and G505-based 1942 Dodge WC10, WC-17, WC-26, and G502-based WC-53 carryalls. The bodies for the G-613-based 2-wheel drive ½-ton VC-26 and WC-36 carryalls were also produced by Proctor-Keefe. The carryall shell was built using a stock half-ton 1939 Dodge panel van body, to which Proctor-Keefe inserted four boxed-in side windows, two rows of rear seats, a front jump seat and a combination tailgate/liftgate.

In hindsight one may wonder why Dodge didn’t simply purchase Suburban bodies in-the-white from GMC or Chevrolet as they would not have required modification, however fierce competition amongst Detroit’s automakers at the time made such a transplant unlikely if not impossible.

The VC-6 (24 pcs.), WC-10 (1,643 pcs.), WC-17 (274 pcs.), WC-26 (2,900 pcs.), WC-36 (400 pcs.) and WC-53 (8,400 pcs.) carry-alls were assembled in Dodge’s newly constructed Mound Rd. Assembly Plant in Detroit. It’s doubtful that Proctor-Keefe had the facilities to manufacture/modify the 13,000+ carryall bodies at their small Dix St. factory and surviving photographs indicate that the van bodies were modified at Dodge’s Mound Rd. facility

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