Optional Gear

Optional Gear / Clothing Items (It is recommended to eventually acquire as many of the items on this list as possible. It does NOT need to be done right away; any reenactor will tell you it takes time to build up a gear collection, however the following items will prove to be useful and add to the authenticity of an impression):

– Cap, Wool, Knit, M-1941 “Jeep Cap”

– Rubber overshoes for winter / rainy events (must be 4 strap, WWII-period style)

– M1928 Haversack with “Meat Can” pouch (to hold mess kit)

– M-1936 Musette Bag (comes in handy for random gear storage)

– M-1938 Map Case

– Carlisle bandage pouch (and bandage if desired, but fill it with some kind of tin for a good look)

– M-1938 Wire Cutters w/ Pouch

– M1943 -OR- M-1910 Folding shovel w/cover

– 6 pocket ammo bandoleer (s) for the M1 rifle – at least 2 per man. These were issued when the food trucks came up to the front. At the end of the chow line, the veterans tell us they grabbed two, whether they needed them or not

– M1905E1 (10″ cut-down) or M1 (10″ manufactured) rifle bayonet with scabbard. Avoid foreign manufactured models � US issue only! (For use with the M1 Garand rifle)

– M3, PAL, or other documented infantry fighting knife – worn in addition to bayonet and in a proper scabbard. The M3 was primarily issued to weapons crews. The PAL could be picked up at a PX. (OPTIONAL)

– M3 Binoculars w/ M-1917 carrying case

– Shelter half, button style not snap. It should have the proper folding poles, wooden pins, and hemp rope.

– M6 Gas Mask bag (3 snap light weight service gas mask bag), and mask if desired; the bag is useful when storing personal items

– Compass pouch for NCO’S. (OPTIONAL)

– Mustard wool blanket is highly recommended, especially for winter events

– Wool sleeping bag with cover is also acceptable

– WWII Footlocker w/ accessories (i.e. period items such as magazines, toiletries, etc. They look great on display)

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